Using official installers

Use the links below to download the installer of the Dual Markdown Framework for your platform:


Mac OS X

To install the Dual Markdown Framework on Linux, use the the manual installation procedure explained below, which can be also used on Windows and Mac OS X.

Manual installation

The Dual Markdown Framework relies on free multi-platform tools. Prior to the installation of the framework you must install the following dependencies:

To install the Dual Markdown Framework, each of the following components (available on GitHub) must be installed:

  1. Dual Markdown filters: A set of pandoc filters that extend Pandoc’s Markdown with syntax for Dual Markdown files (i.e. documents in two languages) and with other constructions specifically designed to facilitate the creation of teaching materials. More information on these Markdown extensions can be found here.
  2. Panbuild: Panbuild is a make-like builder for pandoc. It is a command-line tool that aims to simplify the construction of multiple output documents in different formats –such as PDF, DOCX, EPUB, etc.– from a given source document (e.g. one or several Markdown files).
  3. Panbuild plugin for Sublime Text: This plugin makes it possible to use Panbuild seamlessly within the Sublime Text editor.

The installation instructions for each component can be found on the associated GitHub repository page: